Eclipse Sports Inc uses leading edge technology to design and build its elite training equipment. Eclipse uses that same technology to plan your training facility. Using 3D CAD software, our experienced team of designers can layout a facility that can completely fit your needs and budget, giving you realistic renderings of your facility vision.

With the input of your building floor space, we can plan your facility down to the closest inch. We are able to specify all your facility needs from the equipment, synthetic ice, boards, netting, and rubber flooring down to sprinkler head covers, protective cases for thermostats etc. Planning your space to this detail allows Eclipse Sports to offer the most comprehensive package possible, which trims excess costs. There is no need to worry about scheduling each company to come in, take measurements, waiting for one supplier to need measurements from another supplier etc. This can all be done in one quick and easy process.

Our turn-key facility solutions give you the peace of mind of knowing that one contact is in charge of your whole project. This eliminates the headaches in arranging, scheduling, and paying all the different suppliers and contractors required to complete a project of this scale. Communication break-downs and finger pointing is the root of most budget overruns and schedule slips.

Whether your project is big or small, drop us a line to see how we can help you get your project completed as quickly and easily as possible.