Curling training (on synthetic ice)

Ice time all over the world is costly and not readily available. Athletes of all calibres can agree that in order to improve their game, they need to practise constantly. Eclipse Sports is working hard on developing equipment and products to make curling training easier to accomplish from the comfort of your own home.

Eclipse Sports has already accomplished a way to ensure that a regulation curling stone travels down a sheet of synthetic ice in a similar fashion to a stone on real ice. With a specially modified stone, throwing technique and muscle memory can be developed. There are limitations to the way the stone will travel in this application. The stone will not curl in the same fashion,

nor will sweeping have any effect on the stone as it would on a real ice surface.

These stones also work excellent for shows and/or events where the average person participating doesn't know the sport of curling. It makes for an excellent and fun way of introducing athletes to the sport.

Eclipse Sports is continually striving to improve its training devices and to this end is in the midst of developing a curling shoe that will give the same frictionless feel as it would on real ice. Please check back soon for more details!